Wednesday, March 10, 2010



1. I'm pregnant
2. We bought a house
3. Blake is two and her favorite song is Boom Boom Pow
4. My belly button is already sticking out
5. I am due July 13
6. We don't live with my parents anymore but I am about to eat dinner at their house
7. We do not have a computer at our house therefore no internet therefore no blogging
8. One of my students asked me if I was gaining weight since being pregnant...really?
9. We found out last Monday March 1st that we are having a BOY!
10. Blake is experiencing a lot of time-out lately
11. Ryan and I found a totally legit recipe for German pancakes (like they make at Ol South). The recipe says it makes four servings and I have succesfully killed two of these all by myself.
12. It may not sound like it from #11 but I am gaining less weight with this pregnancy so far but I feel HUGE. My belly is sticking out way further with baby dos.
13. I have at least one student everyday ask if I have chosen a name...No, I haven't.
14. I have been working out most of this pregnancy but today may have been my last time since I spent 45 minutes there and peed 3 times.
15. We went on a ski trip at was heaven and I think about it at least once a week
16. Our house is smaller than the one in Fort Worth but I love it much more. We are about to have a garage sale because all of our stuff won't fit
17. Blake has had killer allergies this winter...I am ready for spring
18. Spring break is next week and I have NO plans...maybe go to Fort Worth?
19. We killed 7 mice about a month after we moved in to our house. Ryan bought the sticky traps and I thought that was mean but apparently the mice thought it was funny because they crapped on them. We had to buy the snap and kill mouse traps em.
20. Ryan got me a flip video camera for valentines day so as soon as we get internet I will be able to post some videos---yippee!
21. I am now wondering since I have written this many things if anyone still reads my blog...if you do, leave a comment so I know I am not just writing to whoever keeps leaving anonymous comments.
22. We have really enjoyed being in Abilene. Things are much slower and easier to maintain. We miss our friends in Fort Worth but not the traffic!!!!