Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Different verse, same as the first...

Here I am, not working again. I have one more article summary to write and then I have some questions to answer for my online class. Not tooooo much left, before my friends come in town. So I feel like it is ok that I am doing this right now.
Everyone has been asking lately when we are going to have kids. I don't even want a kid right now, much less kids plural. It's not that I don't like kids, I teach that would suck if I didn't like them. I just don't want my own yet. I love Laine and Bowen and I know that I will love Reegan and I love all of my friends kids but I just am not ready yet. And that seems hard for people to understand. It's not the same person asking, it's everyone asking. Do I look ready? Am I just getting to that age? What is the deal??? I guess that is just the next logical step...get married, work for awhile, then have a baby. But I am not there yet.

I am happy right now! I am happy just the way things are. Sometimes we are stretching it to feed two cats and a dog. And their food is pretty cheap compared to baby food. I don't want things to change yet. I love to be with Ryan just by myself. I love to sleep in. I love to be immature and a little selfish sometimes. I want to travel more...I know that those of you with kids are going to tell me that it is better on the other side, and I am sure that it is but I am not ready for the other side. The grass is green enough right where I am standing. I think it is hard to be content in this world but that is what I desire. I just want to be content with where I am. And right now, it's in a tiny house with my sweet husband, our crazy dog and me. And that's the way I like it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I should be doing something else...

I am the queen of this. What I am doing right now. No, not blogging...procrastinating. If I need to study, I clean. If I need to grade papers, I do the dishes. If I need to clean, I do stuff for school. If I need to write three papers today so that I don't have to worry about it once Joni gets here, I blog.
I haven't been on in awhile. Last week I spent Monday and Tuesday doing 3 papers and all of my work for my online class so that Ryan and I could go to Ruidoso on Wed (we left at about 5:30 and got to New Mexico around 2:00 am). We met my family there. It was awesome! I will post some pictures soon. We hung out and did nothing, went on a mountain bike ride, went on a hike, shopped, went to the horse races and visited the casino. It was a great trip! We got back late Sunday night and I had a hard time getting back to school stuff yesterday. So instead, I went out and bought Ryan's birthday presents and did as little work as possible. So now, here I am again the computer, not doing my work. Oh well...
Ryan turned 27 yesterday. In a few short weeks I will be 26. I think that starts to be real adult years. At 25, you could still be in college but at 26 you are a real life adult. I am nervous. I didn't like turning 25 and I don't think I will like turning 26. But what do you do? I would rather be turning 26 than not turning 26. Does that make sense??? Now I am just rambling so I don't have to do what I really logged on my computer to do. So that is enough...I will write again tomorrow because I am supposed to finish my internet assignments then...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Lazy Day

We decided to have a garage sale this past Saturday. It was fairly successful, we got rid of lots of stuff. Heather and Jonathan sold lots of baby clothes and we sold some wedding presents that still hadn't been used. Then we went out to dinner with some of the money and then watched 8 Below. SOOOO good. I cried a lot but I loved it!

Today I have been useless. I ran this morning and now I am alternating between rereading the last Harry Potter (I know I am a nerd so there is no need to comment about it) and watching What Not to Wear. I think my internet course starts today but I can't figure out how to access the info so I just emailed my professor. Other than that there is nothing exciting to speak of around here.

Oh...Ryan and I almost forgot about our anniversary. I wouldn't have remembered except that I was looking at cards at World Market with my mom and saw the card I gave him last year. Then last night before we went to sleep I asked him if he remembered and he got this really weird look on his face. We were both a little sad that we are already forgetting and it has only been three years. Then today I told him that since our anniversary is tomorrow and I have class that we should go out tonight. He said that sounded good so I got on the internet and started looking for a place to go. I stumbled across a calendar and realized that our anniversary isn't tomorrow it's Wed! What is up with us?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Things that make me go hmmm...

AKA Random Thoughts
1. How do they make fireworks? I sort of understand how they get the different colors but how do they make those cool designs?
2. I am not sure people understand how much I hate grasshoppers.
3. It must take a lot of time to train a seal to perform in a show. We can't even get Lola to sit consistently.
4. I hate to pay bills. I don't mind paying the money for certain things I just hate having to remember to pay it or to balance the check book.
5. It's thundering right now. Can they shoot fireworks if it is raining?
6. I really don't want to be in school during July. But then again, I know that I really, really won't want to take this class in the fall.
7. I love summer time because I don't have to put makeup on.
8. We went to the grocery store today and saw a lady (about 40) and her butt was actually hanging our of her shorts. Sometimes I wonder if people know to not only check themselves out from the front but also from the back.
9. After writing that I thought that maybe people think that about my hair sometimes!
10. I have a presentation tomorrow night in class, a grant proposal due, a paper due on Thursday and a final exam to study for...but what am I doing instead???
11. We have a girls weekend coming up that I am super excited about but if I look forward to it, that means school starts the next week.
12. Isn't it weird how people are different?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Blog Envy

I haven't posted pictures in a looong time (maybe because we don't have a digital camera anymore) so I had some people send me some so I could get some pics on my blog. I look at other people's blogs and I love looking at pictures and then I look at my blog and it is boooring. So here you go. This was at Bowen's b-day party in May. It was a cowboy theme and we were supposed to have a pony but it rained and we had to move the party inside. And ponies aren't allowed inside.

Family portrait at my parent's house. I think this was Easter weekend? Lola has gotten a little bit bigger but not much. Me and Ryan's cousins, Anna and Holly, tearing it up on the jet ski at the lake in Oklahoma. We had so much fun that day! I hadn't been on the lake in about 3 years. After Ryan's family left the cabin's we decided to hang out for awhile so we went on a canoe trip. This picture was taken not too long after Ryan dumped us over in the freezing river water. Who is taking the picture you ask. As we came to the end we looked on the road and saw Ryan's parents at a fly fishing shop so we flagged them down and then went to lunch.

So that's it...just trying to make my blog a little more exciting by putting some pictures of myself in my post. Hope you enjoyed it!