Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stupid Blogger

I tried three different times last week to write a post and everytime I clicked publish it kicked me off!!! And I tried to leave comments on Molly's and Annalee's blogs and it wouldn't let me leave them. Stupid...

Anyway, we found out last week that we are having a GIRL!!!! Ryan and I were both surprised. Even though I wasn't making a guess, deep down I really thought it was a boy. I am super excited! I can't wait to choose bedding and decorate her room. Ryan has already picked out pink converse, Jordan's and Vans. We have no name ideas yet, so luckily we still have awhile. Right now she is being called Rabbit, please see Heathers blog for more info on that.

BOTH of our cars were broken into this weekend. They broke the back windows on both cars and really didn't steal much of them! They stole my leather school bag (which I love with all of my heart) that had all of my grad stuff in it. They don't need any of that. They are probably just going to throw it all away. They could have just dumped the bag out in my car and taken the leather bag if they really wanted it...stupid idiots. One bright spot, they cut themselves when they broke into Ryan's car and blood was on his door so CSI came to our house and took a blood sample and dusted for prints. The CSI guy didn't drive a hummer and didn't have on cool sunglasses so I am not sure if he was for real. They also stole our (mine and Heather's) sewing machine. Yes, I know...I should not have had a sewing machine in my car...lesson learned.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

For Shauna...

Sorry, Shauna. I did not mean to keep you in suspense for this long. Here are some pics from the trip! And the much anticipated Vince pic.

This is at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Everyday at 11:00 they have a parade for the ducks that live in their fountain. The ducks sleep in a house on the roof and ride the elevator down to the first floor and walk across a red carpet to the fountain. They stay in the fountain all day until 5:00 when they do the parade again back up to their house. It was awesome!!I haven't posted a picture of our house lately so here is a random one of our living room. Okay, not really. We went to Graceland and this is one of the outstanding rooms in the house. Unbelievable.This is one of the awkward time when we were trying to get a picture of Vince Gill without him knowing. If you look closely you can see him in the background.Heath and his beautiful bride!Finally, we got up the courage to get a group shot with Vince.

So that's it. The exciting Vince Gill picture! My new claim to fame...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Count Down to Sex Day

I probably could have come up with a better's not what you think. Only nine more days until we find out the babies gender! So, I probably should have titled the blog count down to gender day day is way more fun to say.

We just got back from Tennessee at our friend Heath's wedding...unbelievable! Amy Grant and Vince Gill sang at the wedding and were just hanging out at the rehearsal dinner and reception. We did finally get brave enough to ask for a picture with Vince...I'll post that tomorrow. I haven't uploaded them on the puter yet. We also hung out in Memphis for a few days before the wedding and went to Graceland...also unbelievable and a little bit ridiculous but we had lots of fun.

I just started my LAST GRAD CLASS last night! I think it is going to be great. I was completely dreading it but the professor is really cool and there aren't many assignments! Only four weeks and I am free!!!!

Not too much exciting stuff to discuss today. I'll be more creative tomorrow, I promise! So let's make this interesting and make baby gender guesses...I have no clue! I have done all the mumbo jumbo with the chinese calendar and wedding ring over the belly. I have officially gotten 50-50 results...I have no motherly instinct telling me what the baby is. Today Ryan tried to ask the baby through my belly button but we didn't get a clear answer. So, it's up to you...what do you think???? BOY??? GIRL???