Monday, November 26, 2007

Don't be jealous...

I have been reading many blogs of people who were in Abilene or surrounding areas during the grrrrreeeeaaaattttt snow day on Thanksgiving. But I bet you didn't get to experience the snow in a pair of these...

You shouldn't be jealous. I did look really hot, though.

Update on a few things:

We have decided to remodel the pink bathroom. I know, big mistake because pink is really fashionable these days but we are doing it anyway. Here is the progress so far:

The new tile is ordered and while I type this Ryan is tearing down more walls and Blakester is jumping all over the place. Speaking of the is an updated picture. It is a little old, only five weeks left now but it's better than nothing.

If you look closely, you can see the bird peeking out of my's never done that before. Yikes.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Hotness

We had a really exciting pre-halloween extravaganza at H & J's. Sorry I am a little late posting these. We decided to go over to their house for chili and pumpkin carving and then Ryan thought of dressing up. The only rule was that the costumes had to come from something in your closet. Enjoy...
You might not want to enlarge this picture because Ryan is wearing a pair of my maternity shorts and I can't promise a family friendly picture if you get too close!!!!

Yes, Lola got to dress up too!! This is actually a pair of kid's pajamas. She hated it...

Here is my 9 week countdown pic. Please don't look too closely at my sicko roots (thank you prenatal vitamins) or my morning face. Ryan decided he wanted to take this before I left for school at 7:00 am.

This past Saturday we had a couples shower with lots of our friends and family. It was super fun and we got lots of great things! I don't think this is everyone that was there but it is everyone that counts...just kidding!!! We decided to take this pic at the end of the evening so some people were already gone! Thanks to everyone who came, you made it very special for us! And we can't wait to see Blake in her homemade onesies!!!

And yes, ladies as you can see, you made the photo!

This was the greatest idea ever so you can steal it if you want to. Each couple decorated a onesie or a hat for Blake. There were some really awesome ones!!! She will wear them all!