Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here you go Joni...

And for anyone else who still checks....... Blake takin' the mic

I love this one because you can see her face through Darth Vader's (sp?) eye hole

Blake with uncle Barry
She didn't love the mac and cheese as much as she loved using her own fork

Computer hog...this is why I can't get on to blog anymore

B got a huge misquito bite on her ear and it swelled up. I didn't think it would ever look the same again...but it does.

Playing in the sprinkler

Yea!!! mommy stopped being lazy and finally posted about me!!!


Lissa Michelle said...

Thanks for the pics, Meredith! She is getting so big! I feel like I know her through these pics..her personality really shines through! What a sweetie!

Melissa said...

I still check....DAILY!
I love the mosquito bite pic. Hilarious!

Chesley said...

I still check in too! I love blogs way more than Facebook. I can tell people are loosing interest in blogging. Anyways, Blake is so cute and I love watching her grow.

Joni said...

Yeah friend!! Thanks for posting! She is so beautiful! She totally makes your expressions, and I love it! and your right she hasn't grown anymore hair, but it doesn't even matter because nobody can look past her awesome eyes to realize it:)
Ok you always encourage me to comment whatever im thinking no matter what so here it goes...the swollen ear picture looks a little bit like one of Doopey's (7dwarfs) ears!

Joni said...

ok mere beau is totally upset that i wrote this last comment, which actually really shocks me!!

anyway to all of mere's friends i don't know, i really am a good friend! momma sue would vouch for that (hopefully)!!:)

love ya friend

Kelly said...

Blake is beautiful - mosquito bite and all! Love the pics!
~k. myrick

sara lindsey said...

i, too, am back from sabbatical....and i have been faithful in my stalking of you. can't believe how BIG blake is getting!

Joni said...

Doopey, my friend, was actually the 8th dwarf, who just so happened to have only one large swollen mosquito bitten ear! Dopey on the other hand, had two large ears. Totally not Blake!

Randi Freeby said...

She is so sweet. I loved seeing her and you guys last night. Thanks for posting. I still check all the time. Have a great day!

heatherw said...

Blake is my favorite neice...wait a minute...

laurie d. moreland said...

hey meredith! it's laurie (dromgoole) moreland- i stumbled upon your blog from some other abilene gal's. your daughter is precious! also, i have a 3 year old daughter and her name is meredith!
email me sometime-

Neelee Mangum said...

She is adorable....I see you in her so much!! Hope you are doing great!! Miss ya!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Meredith,

I stumbled across your blog while surfing randomly. I loved reading about your kid.. every bit of it.

The pics are fantastic !! Love all of them :)

Will follow your postings more !!


nikkie and kikkie said...

well ima 15 yr old gurl and i liked reading it :) it inspares me for when i grow up :)

very cute daughter

nicole and katrina(nikkie & kikkie)
read blog plz:P